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Dash Cams / Trackers

Dash Cams - In car Video Recorder 

Fitting your car with a Dash Cam could prove to be one of the most important investments for your car you can make. With the colossal number of incidents involving UK’s vehicles on the increase, it’s become an essential in-car safety accessory to own.

We supply a range of Dash Cams with the very latest tech, that can be fitted to your dash discreetly and can record in full HD for use as video evidence should the need arise.  All our Dash Cams are GPS supported so you can use Google Maps to track your location and speed if need be. 

Additionally our Dash Cams include:

  • High Definition (HD) picture quality (ensures clear video quality)
  • 30 Frame (FPS) High recording frame rate (ensures clear video action)
  • 135° Wide angle lens (ensures wide field of view)
  • Auto White Balance (ensures adjustment to varying light levels)
  • Loop Recording  (ensures old file overwrite maintaining continous recording)
  • G-Sensor – file lock protection (ensures files are protected in case of impact)
  • Motion Detection (ensures video records when the car is parked up)
  • Photo mode (offers the ability to take still pictures)
  • GPS supported (ensures location tracking using google maps)
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