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HID Kits


HID Xenon Conversion kits:

Why choose to fit an HID Xenon Conversion kit? Upgrading to HID Xenon lights has many advantages over standard halogen headlight bulbs. The 300% more light emitted from a Xenon bulb compared to a standard car bulb makes a huge difference in night driving visibility. Xenon light projects a wider and further beam of light that broadens your road coverage. You can see further, see more and be more visible to other drivers and pedestrians alike.

We supply all types of HID Xenon kits for every Car, Motorbike or Commercial vehicle. The HID Xenon kits we supply are sold with quality and purpose in mind so, you can be assured you’re buying good products, built to last and will do the job they’re intended for.

When choosing your HID kit please note that some premium cars will need a HID Xenon kit with the maximum canbus function such as our 55W D Lumina and/or 35w Smart canbus kit. All our HID kits have a spectrum of light colours to choose from so you can personalise your car to the way you prefer. Additionally, you can choose from the 35w or 55w HID kits; the 55w Xenon kits give maximum power and light output.