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OSRAM is the first port of call for bulbs for passenger car applications. Every year, half of all the passenger cars produced around the world are equipped with OSRAM bulbs.

We're an authorized stockist for OSRAM Automotive bulbs, you can be sure you're buying genuine bulbs at the lowest prices.

We supply all OSRAM bulbs including;



NIGHT BREAKER® LASER lamps shine more light on the street thanks to innovative laser ablation technology, an improved filament and pure xenon gas filling. More light and improved visibility can help drivers identify and react to traffic hazards more quickly.

OSRAM NIGHT BREAKER® LASER are the ideal lamps for drivers who know the difference that powerful automotive lighting makes – on dark country roads, in busy city traffic or through suburban streets. Manufactured with an innovative laser ablation technology, the lamps keep the road ahead bright.




NIGHT BREAKER UNLIMITED opens up new dimensions in terms of performance: Up to 110% more light, a beam of that is up to 40 metres longer and 20% whiter light compared to standard halogen bulbs. The most powerful OSRAM halogen automotive bulb emits even more light onto the road.



As the name says, this halogen bulb heads the field in coolness - meaning it is a particularly desirable light solution for design oriented driving enthusiasts. Compared to standard halogen bulbs, delivering up to 20% more light and up to 4200 Kelvin colour temperature mean it is considered the bluest halogen bulb which may be installed legally in a passenger vehicle. Its bluish, bright white light makes each journey more pleasant, creating an impressive appearance which is extremely similar to xenon bulbs. OSRAM COOL BLUE INTENSE halogen bulbs are ECE compliant and are available for all forward lighting functions. Thanks to their optimised design with a silver dome, the H4, H7, H11 and HB3 models are also suitable for use in clear lens headlights.



OSRAM ULTRA LIFE is considered by many car drivers to be a bulb for life. It shines for up to three times longer than conventional halogen bulbs and is thus a perfect solution, not just for frequent drivers. With ULTRA LIFE, owners of vehicles whose headlights and bulbs are difficult to access and replace can save themselves work and expense at the workshop. With regard to design, the ULTRA LIFE is a success all the way. Its silver dome blends in with the headlamp reflectors and particularly in clear lens headlights it gives an impression of the highest quality. The ULTRA LIFE product range is rounded off by the long-life ULTRA LIFE auxiliary bulbs. A further amazing fact: With the ULTRA LIFE headlight bulbs, OSRAM is the first bulb manufacturer to offer a three year warranty.



OSRAM SILVERSTAR 2.0 is a synonym for pure power and the highest level of safety. In contrast to conventional halogen bulbs, this economy performance bulb provides up to 60% more light on the road ahead at 50 to 75 metres in front of your car. A beam, which is up to 20 metres longer, offers additional safety. This means that hazards, signs and road markings can be seen and recognised considerably earlier. Especially during lengthy journeys at night, where a driver's concentration and attention are tested to the limit, SILVERSTAR 2.0 halogen bulbs can make driving easier, increase your field of vision and provide the decisive reaction seconds if there are obstacles.



Do you want a standard light solution which is better than the norm? Then OSRAM ORIGINAL LINE of bulb is exactly what you want. Whether used as standard original equipment for cars or as a replacement part, this family of bulbs has already proven its worth millions of times over in new vehicles made by renowned vehicle manufacturers; each ORIGINAL LINE bulb combines top quality and impressive brightness, a reliable service life and an excellent price-performance ratio.