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MTEC Halogen Bulbs

MTEC are a well known global brand of a superior upgrade Halogen bulbs at affordable prices. MTEC has an extensive range that covers the majority of bulbs that are fitted on any car. The range of bulbs are recognised as a high quality product and are twice as bright as the majority of factory fitted bulbs. MTEC Halogen bulbs allows you to upgrade your bulbs at a fraction of the price of a HID kit or LEDs.

The MTEC Upgrade Halogen headlight bulbs are available in Super White, Cosmos Blue, Diamond White and Golden Yellow colour ratings. MTEC's Super White range also allows you to upgrade your sidelights, DRLs, brake, reversing light etc to a bright white light, without CANbus errors. MTEC has a range of LEDs to upgrade your Angel Eyes, fog lights, sidelights, interior lights, and number plates etc. The LED chips have a low consumption but a high Lumen output. They are the best crisp white light you are going to get from LED lighting.  

Buy OSRAM SILVERSTAR 2.0 online at HIDS Direct

OSRAM SILVERSTAR 2.0 is a synonym for pure power and the highest level of safety. In contrast to conventional halogen bulbs, this economy performance bulb provides up to 60% more light on the road ahead at 50 to 75 metres in front of your car. A beam, which is up to 20 metres longer, offers additional safety. This means that hazards, signs and road markings can be seen and recognised considerably earlier. Especially during lengthy journeys at night, where a driver's concentration and attention are tested to the limit, SILVERSTAR 2.0 halogen bulbs can make driving easier, increase your field of vision and provide the decisive reaction seconds if there are obstacles.

Osram H1 Silverstar 2.0 Extra Lifetime Halogen 55w Bulbs +60% Light OSRAM H1 SILVERSTAR 2.0 EXTRA LIFETIME HALOGEN 55W BULBS +60% LIGHT (TWIN PACK)

Osram H4 Silverstar 2.0 Extra Lifetime Halogen 60/55w Bulbs +60% Light (Twin Pack)

Osram H7 55W Silverstar 2.0 Extra Lifetime Halogen Bulbs +60% Light (Twin Pack) 64210SV2

Osram HS1 35/35w Silverstar Motorbike Headlight Bulb +50% More Light

Buy Online at

Motorbike & ATV bulb application guide

Are you looking to buy new brighter bulbs for your motorbike or ATV but don't know which bulbs you need?

Look no further! Please use our handy bulb application reference to guide you through the process and help you choose the right kind of bulbs for your bike or ATV.

You can find your bike and ATV bulbs here:


Denso Spark Plug Automated Part Finder (Application Guide)

We're Denso UK approved stockists and stock over 700 kinds of Spark plugs including -

  • U-Groove
  • Double Platinum
  • Iridium Long Life
  • Platinum TT
  • Iridium TT
  • Iridium Power
  • Iridium Racing

Please use the following part finder using your car, make & model to identify the exact spark plugs / glow plugs for your vehicle. 

Denso Spark Plug Finder

Order Denso Spark Plugs direct from our online shop -

Shop Online For Denso Spark Plugs

McGard Wheel Locking Bolt Application Guide

If you're not sure which McGard Wheel locking bolts then please refer to the following application guide will point you to the right part number:

McGard Wheel Locking Bolt Part Finder

We supply the full range of McGard Wheel Locking Bolts from our web store:


Arnott Air Suspension - UK Authorised Stockists

Air Suspension

We're pleased and proud to be authorised suppliers of Arnott (US based) leading air suspension manufacturer!

Arnott Air Suspension products are a global leader in the manufacturing of aftermarket Air Compressors, Air Suspension Springs, Air Struts and Air Shocks.

We supply direct to you the complete Arnott range of air suspension products. This includes; air ride suspension kits, complete car kits, coil spring kits, front suspension, rear suspension & compressors.

Buying from us means that you will save hundreds of pounds than buying from your main dealer! what's more Arnott innovations in air suspension development means that you will be able to upgrade your air suspension to a much more comfortable and long lasting ride and won't have to replace your air suspension as frequent!

All Arnott air suspension products are backed by a 2 year warranty, quality is that good that we are confident that you will be 100% satisfied with any Arnott Air suspension product!

Please visit: http://www.hids-direct.co.uk/categories/air-suspe...

How to install BMW e46 HID Xenon bulb holders

1. Remove spade connectors from rubber grommet.

2. Pass connectors through back of holder and secure with grommet.

3. Pull cables tight until base of bulb is held firm against the holder.