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What is Xenon light?
What are the advantages of Xenon light?
What are the colour temperatures? 
What is LED lighting?

What is Xenon light?

The Xenon bulb supplied with the HID kit are micro discharged bulbs filled with a mixture of primarily Xenon gas and other inert gases - creating a superior, brigh light so close to sunlight that it looks blue

This special bulb has no filament like a Halogen bulb, the light and output that is created between the two electrodes in a Xenon bulb is like no other.

What are the advantages of Xenon light?

The Xenon bulb outputs more than three times the brightness than a Halogen light, whilst consuming only half the power. Not only is night driving safer and clearer, more power is freed up for your cars other functions.

Additionally, you will be doing your part for the environment: less power consumption means less waste. The clear light produced by Xenon bulbs is similar to that of natural daylight. Research has shown that better lighting conditions make for better driving.

The unique white colour of Xenon light also reflects road markings and signs better than the colors emitted by conventional lighting systems. They are cost-effective, the life span of a Xenon bulb should last the lifetime of a car, meaning that under normal conditions, you should never have to replace the bulbs.

This means exceptional bright light, less power consumed and they save money.

What are the colour temperatures?  

4300K - OEM white
5000K - Ice white

6000K - White with a tint of blue
8000K - Aqua blue
10000K - Pale blue



As one of largest auto lighting suppliers you will find the widest range of HID Xenon kits, LEDs, DRLs and other auto bulbs in the UK. We believe in supplying the best quality goods at the lowest possible prices - that is why we stock high quality pioneering, market leading brands such as Japanese MTEC upgrade bulbs, as well as genuine German made Osram and Philips bulbs.

Choosing kits:

Our kits range from the best selling ultra to our top of the range Terminator kit. The main difference being the kits at the lower end of the market are not as technically advanced as that of the top. Furthermore, quality build is slightly better in the more expensive kits. Needless to say we only stock great quality kits at fantastic prices.

When choosing your HID kit please remember that for modern cars such as the latest BMW and Mercedes they may need our Canbus Terminator, Premium and D-Lumina Smart Canbus HID kits in order to prevent any incomaptiblities. Please read the info below to guide you with your purchase.

Ultra kit

Our latest digital Ultra 35w have taken the market by storm with their great price and capability in working with most cars without fault.

We recommend these kits for virtually all cars except for post 2000 Mercedes, Porsche BMW E87 & E90 etc.

Canbus Pro HID kit

Our Canbus Pro kits are the perfect choice for virtually all modern cars except Volvo; this will need our Canbus Terminator kit. This like the Terminator kit has the best canbus capabilities and should work error free in virtually every car to date.

Terminator HID kit

We also have our Canbus Terminator kits; these kits represent the pinnacle in HID technology. Built with advanced technology they have the smartest ballast that overcomes the most advanced canbus system such as Volvo and BMW E90.

The added benefit of this kit is the ballasts are slimmer than most and they can be fitted easier in tight confined spaces. This is a real winner in modern cars with the latest canbus technology.

The Terminator ballasts are also classed as mid-slim but are marginally smaller than the Canbus Pro type. We also supply the D-Lumina Smart Canbus 55w HID kit, these ballasts work very well in the latest cars and bikes with canbus systems.

What is LED lighting?

LED bulbs use less power and produce a crisp white light compared to the factory Halogen bulbs. Due to low consumption of LEDs they have a much longer life span than Halogen bulbs. We supply a wide range of LED upgrades for your headlights, sidelights, indicators, fog lights, number plate and brake and tail lights. LEDs are super bright and effective and compliment a HID kit perfectly.

The majority of our LEDs are canbus, they have has a built-in warning controller that helps to stop any errors that you would normally experience with standard LEDs. This enables you to simply fit the bulbs without having to solder or re-wire resistors.

That said, unfortunately no car is totally immune to errors even when canbus LEDs are fitted. This is because for safety reasons the canbus LEDs can only have a certain amount of resistance and some cars require more.

If you require any more information please contact us on 0161 7939236 Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4.30pm or visit our shop:


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